Safe City Seoul - How Safe is SEOUL really?

As many of you have heard, Seoul is a absolutely safe city, not only for travellers, but also for its citizens.
There are already many experimental videos on YouTube testing how safe Seoul is, and it turns out that this is real and not staged, so you should have some faith before coming to Seoul.

Seoul is a safe city that gets top marks for both safety and order. There are no known incidents or reports of travellers being pickpocketed or subjected to violence. On the contrary, it is widely reported that many tourists have found their lost belongings easily and conveniently, and it is easy to find testimonials and reports from tourists who say they are deeply impressed by the kindness that Koreans have shown them.

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Next, thanks to the ubiquitous CCTV.
In Seoul, CCTV is installed in every corner for security purposes. Its main purpose is to prevent crime.
Thanks to this system, many Seoul citizens enjoy the benefits.

What’s even more surprising is that Seoul is not only a safe city during the day. Seoul is a safe city to walk around alone without fear, not only in the evening but also in the middle of the night. This is due to the bright lights on the streets and the CCTV cameras installed everywhere, but due to the large population of Seoul, you can be relieved because there are always people around to ask for help, and they are unconsciously watching to see if there is any major threat to your safety. Check Best Hotels in Seoul

If it were only safe, Seoul wouldn’t be as attractive to tourists as it is today.
The friendliness of the people of Seoul towards tourists is a big reason why Seoul has become a world city.
The level of security in South Korea is just world class.

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If you are planning to visit Seoul soon, leave your security worries at home. You will only have memories of joy and kindness to take back to your country.

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