Korean Fried Chicken & Chimaek | A Whole Nother Level

Korean Fried Chicken & Chimaek | A Whole Nother Level

If there is one Korean food that travellers to Korea should not miss, it is Korean chicken. Chicken is a common food in your country as well, so why try it in Korea?
The reason is simple. You will experience a new world of taste through a recipe that is completely different from the chicken recipe you are used to.
After eating the food, you will think : How can they make so many dishes with chicken?

The food that Koreans call whole chicken or chicken is a chicken fried in oil. Just like KFC, as you may already know, is just that.
But imagine it has been upgraded several times. This version is just what we call ‘Korean fried whole chicken’.

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This menu has been continuously upgraded since the 80s. It has become a food that Koreans love so much that restaurants selling it are everywhere. Until the 1990s, there were still two versions, the regular and the spicy, but now countless recipes and sauces have been developed to satisfy the tastes of many people.
Even now, someone somewhere must be developing their own recipe.

Why is Korean chicken so good? There are three main reasons.
The first is the fresh and high quality ingredients.
The second is delicious and healthy because of the clean oil frying and hygienic cooking process.
The third is because they are constantly researching and developing more delicious recipes.

This dish goes very well with cold beer. As a result, this combination was given its own name and became a menu item: Chicken and Beer. It is named after the initials of the words chicken and beer.

Chimaek 치맥 is a common slang word combining the ‘chi’ from Chicken and the ‘maek’ from Maekju, the Korean word for beer. Chicken and Beer is considered a classic combination in Korea and one of the most popular choices when eating out.

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Chimaek is famous as a food eaten on days when there are national football matches or while watching baseball. If you go to the stadium to watch a Korean baseball game, you can order chicken and beer and eat it in the stands.

Chicken and beer is very popular in the summer. It is an essential food to eat and drink with colleagues after work or when meeting friends.

If you come to Korea, I recommend ordering the half-and-half menu so that you can taste two kinds of chicken at the same time. The classic menu and the yangnyeom chicken(seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce) are served here. Now that you’ve heard how famous and delicious Korean chicken is, put Korean chimaek on your to-do list.

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