Han River (Hangang) 한강 & Hangang Park 한강공원

Han River (Hangang) 한강 & Hangang Park 한강공원

In the middle of a tour where tourists mainly look at buildings or architecture in hot spots, they will have a desire to meet the nature of the country itself.
This kind of desire is to enjoy one's own leisure time while being greeted by the warm sunlight and gentle breeze.

By the way, you might think that such activities are impossible because there are only gray buildings in Seoul, but you are wrong.

The Han River that runs through Seoul can quench your thirst for nature.
You can't say you've been to Seoul if you haven't experienced the Han River while visiting Seoul. Han River is definitely a great place to visit for tourists.

The Han River divides Gangnam and Gangbuk as it passes through Seoul. As the length of the Han River in Seoul is 41 km, there are 12 official Hangang Parks along the Han River.

The Han River is well known for the great pride of Seoul citizens.
The water quality of the Han River is among the top in the world and is very clean. It is very pleasant to visit the Han River and enjoy without any limits.

For example, you can easily see people enjoying group swimming in the Han River thanks to its high quality.
This is the result of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's efforts to systematically monitor and improve the water quality of the Han River. The Han River is also a source of drinking water for Seoul citizens.

Why this place can't be missed by travelers is because transportation access to the Han River parks is quite good.
So you can easily find it wherever you are in Seoul.

You can get to Hangang parks by bus or subway and enjoy your whole day there, whether it's half a day or a whole day.
Once again we strongly recommend you to spend a day on the Han River during your Seoul trip.

The Han River is a great place for everyone, from walkers and runners and bikers to people who enjoy water sports.
The biggest attraction of Han River is that it has a structure like a combination of several parks. There is also a playground where you can sit and relax or exercise, and fitness equipment is also provided.

There is also a bicycle rental shop, so take advantage of it.

The main reason why the Han River is so relaxed and popular is that there are no citizens who behave unpleasantly there.
As a foreigner, you will be able to spend your time there to the fullest without any inconvenience.As a foreigner, you will be able to spend your time there to the fullest without any inconvenience.

Actually it is possible to eat, exercise, and even drink alcohol by the Han River, but there are no fights or verbal abuse.
This proves that the people's level of consciousness is high.
So you will experience only peace and relaxation there and I am sure you will bring home only happy memories.

As you know, Koreans cannot leave out snacks or foods.
So, there are enough supermarkets in Hangang Park as well.
Convenience stores are located at the main points of Hangang Park, providing great convenience to visitors. Drinks, snacks and food are readily available.

In addition, at Hangang Park, you can taste various genuine Korean foods freshly cooked through the 'Quick Delivery Culture' that can only be experienced in Korea.

Don't miss the special experience of tasting food delivered by nature.
Chicken, one of the most popular foods among Koreans, is what the average person orders there.

It is also a great advantage that there are plenty of free public toilets along the Han River. It's clean and even free.

The best way to get to the Han River is to take the subway and get off at one of the following three subway stations.

  • Ttukseom Station 뚝섬역
  • Sinbanpo Station 신반포역
  • Yeouinaru Station 여의나루역

These three are the most famous Han River parks and going to Yeouinaru Station is highly recommended.

If you plan to visit the Han River later, please go on a Saturday or Sunday when you can really feel the atmosphere of the place.

Let's set out to experience the charm of the Han River 100% by wearing sunscreen, simple snacks and a hat in casual clothes that look like you're going on a picnic.

The Hangang River, like other areas in Seoul, is an area where you can walk safely at night regardless of the time of day.
The night view of the Han River is amazing as well, so let's visit the Han River at night.

Please note that there is cruise ferry service on the Han River that takes about an hour. To enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Han River, it is a very good way.

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