Why Foreign Tourists Can Also Visit Korean Movie Theaters

Why Foreign Tourists Can Also Visit Korean Movie Theaters

As a foreign tourist, attending a movie theater in a country is obviously an activity with many restrictions. But if it is possible, it is sure to be fun and memorable. Sitting down with the locals and watching your favorite movie must have a different charm than visiting tourist attractions.

It will also be fun to compare the exterior, interior, and structure of theaters in other countries.
The biggest problem, however, is language. A visit would be meaningless if the movie was not available in the local language. In many countries, movies are dubbed, so it is impossible to watch a movie if you do not understand the language.

The good news is that all movie theaters in Korea show movies in their original sound without such dubbing!

Currently, the price of a movie ticket is about 15,000 won.
A popcorn and coke combo costs about 6,000 won.
There are about 97 movie theaters in Seoul alone. If you want to spend a leisurely day during your trip, or if your schedule is disrupted by the weather, a movie theater is the place to go.

This is a characteristic of Korean movie theaters.

  • Fairly comfortable (cleanliness, spaciousness, temperature)
  • Movies with original sound without dubbing
  • Accessibility (anywhere near you)
  • Wide variety of movies in different genres
  • There are many screens in the theater, so the waiting time is short.
  • There is no problem with language communication during ticket issuance (kiosk machine provides English menu)


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