What is the weather like in Seoul these days

What is the weather like in Seoul these days

One of the biggest concerns when planning a trip abroad is weather.
Even if you study the current weather at your destination in advance or look at a travel guide, you can't get a good idea of what the actual weather is like until you get there.
So today, in order to help you, I will take the time to describe the current weather in Seoul on July 1.
The weather in Seoul today can be described as midsummer weather. I will describe the weather so that you can imagine it as vividly as possible.

These days, the early morning temperature in Seoul is around 24 degrees. During the day, the temperature is usually between 30 and 33 degrees. It often rises to about 36 degrees. Until the middle of August this weather will continue.
The sun is very hot and going to the shade doesn't help much because of the high humidity. I'm sure that this weather will make you think of a cool soft drink or ice cream.

Since the sun is very strong, you will instinctively look for shade, and when you realize that all rooms and buildings in Seoul are well cooled, your steps will lead you there.
On a hot summer day in Seoul, the best place to go is inside a building. In Seoul, almost 100 percent of the air conditioners are in operation. Of course, both the bus and the subway are comfortable, so there is no inconvenience to passengers.

The weather these days is hot enough to make you sweat even if you stand still.
It's good to know that this weather lasts well beyond July and almost into mid-August. There is also a period of heavy rain between July and August, so it would be helpful to check the weather forecast in between.

The current weather in Seoul is very sunny, so it is recommended to bring sunglasses and a hat. As I said, it can be very hot outside, but as a tourist, there is nothing to worry about as all the indoor places have a comfortable temperature. On days like these, it is so hot at night that it is easy not to be able to sleep. But don't worry, all houses and hotels are air conditioned.

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