Useful Examples Of Prices In Seoul

Useful Examples Of Prices In Seoul

Cost is probably the most important factor that travelers consider when making plans. Except for those with a lot of money, I think most travelers suffer from unknown prices.‌‌But if you have some prior knowledge of prices, the story is different. There are more options, such as being able to plan a little more closely and, conversely, being able to enjoy a more leisurely trip.‌‌

So today I would like to inform you about the expenses related to restaurants and transportation that you will need during your trip to Seoul.‌‌Please note that all prices here are average prices, so there may be some differences.


: In the past 5 years, the price of food in korean restaurants has increased rapidly.‌‌
It is good to keep in mind that the cost of a meal is about 8,000 won to 12,000 won.‌‌

Soybean paste stew 된장찌개 8000‌‌
Kimbap 4000‌‌
Pork belly 삼겹살 14000 per person‌‌
Galbitang 15000‌‌
Kimchi stew 김치찌개 9000‌‌
Jajangmyeon 7000‌‌
Naengmyeon 10000‌‌
Tteokbokki 4000‌‌
Drinks 2000‌‌
Bottled water 1000‌‌
Milk (1.5L) 3000‌‌
Hamburger (single item) 6000‌‌
Hamburger (set menu) 9000‌‌
A cup of Coffee 5000

Culture, Art

Theater ticket 15000‌‌
Baseball field ticket 20000‌‌
Theater ticket 20000‌‌
Exhibition entrance fee 15000‌‌
Music CD 20000‌‌
A book 17000

Public Transportation‌‌

Bus & Subway 1500‌‌
Taxi (for 30 minutes) 20000‌‌
Train KTX (Seoul-Busan) 60000‌‌
Train KTX (Seoul-Daejeon) 25000


Motel (a motel is a lower class of accommodation than a hotel) 80000‌‌
Hotel 150000

Beauty, Cosmetics

: Hair salons in Korea are generally cheap. I recommend stopping by and getting your hair done when you come to Seoul. It is well known that Korean cosmetics are of good quality and relatively inexpensive. Buy as much as you can when you travel.

Cosmetic set 50000
Haircut cost 15000

Assuming two people eat pork belly (삼겹살) in a restaurant, the approximate price for rice, drinks and meat is about 45,000 won.‌‌
Two people eating Korean beef (한우) will cost about 100,000 won.

The price of Suit in Korea is relatively cheap. In the case of men's suits, you can get a quality product for about 150,000 won.
All kinds of clothes made in Korea are of good quality as well.

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