Unique Korean Habits and Culture

Unique Korean Habits and Culture

I'd like to introduce you to the unique characteristics and culture that only Koreans possess. South Korea is a country full of beautiful nature, rich history, and diverse culture. Let's explore some of the special aspects that can only be experienced here.

Variety on the table

Koreans enjoy eating rice with a variety of side dishes. Kimchi, vegetables, and savory pancakes are just a few examples of dishes that make the dining table more vibrant.

Fast-paced eating culture

Koreans are known for eating fast. The rise of neighborhood buffets and food delivery systems has contributed to this culture of fast food, which has shaped the rhythm of life in Korea.

Importance of social gatherings

Socializing with colleagues and friends is highly valued in Korea. Gatherings, company lunches, and coffee shop conversations are seen as valuable opportunities to communicate and build closer relationships.

Cyber culture and gaming

South Korea is a nation where Internet and gaming culture thrives. Online gaming, streaming, and social media provide avenues for people to engage in various forms of communication and entertainment.

Patriotism and Traditional Culture

Koreans have a strong sense of patriotism and reverence for their traditions and history. Traditional holidays such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok are cherished, with people wearing hanbok (traditional clothing) and preparing traditional foods to honor their heritage.

Respect for elders and filial piety

Respecting and caring for elders is a core value in Korean culture. Children express their respect through words and actions when addressing adults.

The unique customs and culture of the Koreans offer a charm that can only be found here. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Korea, experiencing these diverse characteristics will give you a deeper understanding of the culture.


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