TOP 10 Things Foreigners May Misunderstand About Seoul

TOP 10 Things Foreigners May Misunderstand About Seoul

It is difficult to communicate in English in Seoul

The name of the sign or shop in Seoul is almost written in English. Also, most young people have no problem communicating in English. If you want to ask English on the street, choose a person who looks at least 40 years old.

Seoul is an expensive city for travelers

Seoul is a huge city where people from all walks of life congregate. This means that there is no problem getting cheap and reasonable prices.

I have heard that racism exists

Someone may have experienced some racial discrimination, but generally there is no racism in Korea and Seoul. The government also conducts campaigns against racial discrimination, so you don't have to worry about racism at all.

The city is huge, so it is easy to get lost or wander around

Seoul is famous for its good signage and simple transportation system. There will be no problem with you moving to a landmark or a hotspot of the city.

Korean food is spicy and there is nothing to eat

It is true that Koreans like spicy food. However, not all Korean food is composed of spicy food, so you can choose not spicy traditional ones.

I am worried about picking pickles and other crimes

Seoul is a world-class city where tourists feel very safe. Seoul is a CCTV heaven. Misdemeanors are also hard to come by. Seoul citizens also feel safe in daily life. You can promote these wonderful advantages after your trip.

Won't Koreans be on a fare or price because I'm a foreigner?

Most of the menus and price lists provide exact price information. If you don't see price information there, you can just ask for the price in advance.

Won't Koreans look at me strangely?

Seoul has been an international city for more than 25 years. Many foreign tourists have already visited, and the number of immigrants is increasing. The people of Seoul are friendly to foreigners.

I rarely speak Korean, which is expected to be stressed

Even if you are a foreigner and have difficulty communicating in Korean, Koreans will definitely help you to the end. They will use body language and you will be impressed by Koreans who are trying to communicate with you.

I heard somewhere that everyone in Seoul had plastic surgery

It is true that we are very interested in looks and fashion. However, it is not the same as all Seoul residents having their noses and eyes fixed by plastic surgery.

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