Seoul - The epitome of safety

Seoul - The epitome of safety

Seoul's commitment to providing a safe journey for foreign tourists from around the world is undeniable. Let's explore why Seoul is considered a safe city compared to other cities around the globe.

Low crime rate

Seoul is known for its low crime rate. Even if you happen to lose your bag or belongings while traveling, there is a high chance of recovering them. Incidents of personal safety violations on the streets are rare, and the proactive role of the police is reassuring.

Safety of public transportation

Seoul has a clean and safe public transportation system. Whether you use the subway, buses, or taxis, you'll find convenient and safe transportation. In addition, subway stations are equipped with police stations and emergency medical facilities for quick assistance.

Safety Measures for Female Travelers

Seoul Metropolitan Government and Police actively implement safety measures for female travelers. These include women-only accommodations, reservation services for women, and public restrooms designed for female travelers.

Nighttime Safety

Seoul maintains a safe nighttime environment. Well-lit streets and active late-night operations in major tourist and commercial areas contribute to a vibrant and safe atmosphere. Female solo travelers are generally comfortable walking the streets at night.

Foreigner-friendly environment

Seoul is a foreigner-friendly city with a vibrant multicultural scene. Services and facilities for foreigners are widely available, and the city welcomes and assists international travelers with open arms.

Compared to many other cities, Seoul offers a safe and traveler-friendly environment, providing tourists with peace of mind and convenience. Explore Seoul's many charms in this safe environment!

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