Seoul Subway Guide for Foreign Tourists: Convenient Urban Transport

Seoul Subway Guide for Foreign Tourists: Convenient Urban Transport

Seoul's subway system is a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for foreign tourists exploring the city. Subway fares are also cheap, so satisfaction is even higher. The subway fare in Seoul is approximately 1 dollar. The Seoul subway consists of 9 lines in total. we provide an overview of the Seoul subway system and essential information for travelers.

Overview of the Seoul Subway System

  1. Subway Lines: The Seoul subway system consists of several lines, each distinguished by a different color. It's divided into metropolitan and city subway lines.
  2. T-Money Card: The T-Money card is a rechargeable transportation card that can be used on the subway, buses, taxis, and more. It provides a convenient way to pay for fares.
  3. Station Names: Subway station names are displayed in Korean, but also have English signage. In addition, T-Money card readers and fare information are available in English.
  4. Operating Hours: The Seoul subway operates on different schedules for weekdays and weekends, generally from 5 a.m. until midnight the following day.

Introduction to the Seoul Subway System

The Seoul subway system is modern and convenient, with the following features:

  1. Accessibility: It provides easy access to Seoul's major tourist attractions, making it a valuable component of travel plans.
  2. Clean & Safe: Stations and trains are kept clean and are known for their safety. CCTV and security personnel are present to ensure passenger safety.
  3. English Guidance: Station signs and T-Money card machines are provided with English translations to assist foreign travelers.
  4. Transfer Convenience: The subway system is designed for easy transfers between lines, allowing travelers to adjust their itineraries with ease.

Seoul's subway system offers foreign tourists a convenient way to explore the city. By mastering its use, travelers can enhance their urban adventures in Seoul.

A short-term pass that allows unlimited rides on the Seoul subway for a certain period of time will soon be available. This is a measure to facilitate transportation for foreign tourists, who have increased rapidly since the return to normal life.
Considering that 36.8% of foreign tourists visiting Seoul stay for an average of 4 to 7 days, two types of "1-day pass" and "3-day pass" will be released, priced at 5,600 won and 11,800 won, respectively.

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