Namsan Tower - The Perfect Place With The Fantastic Views Of Seoul From Above

Namsan Tower - The Perfect Place With The Fantastic Views Of Seoul From Above

Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) is a tourist attraction worth visiting if you want to see Seoul at a glance and check its size with your own eyes.
This is the perfect place to enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul.
It offers a panoramic view, and since it is located in a park, you can enjoy rest and relaxation. It has been popular with Seoul residents and foreign tourists since the 1980s.

Namsan Tower is a transmission tower that has maintained its status as a representative building in Seoul since 1980. The height of the tower itself is 236 meters, and the height of Namsan Mountain is 480 meters.
Because it is located at such a high place, it has become a place where you can enjoy the most beautiful view in both name and reality.
Namsan Tower is not only a popular place for foreign tourists, but Seoul residents voted it as the number one landmark in Seoul, so I don't think I need to explain its popularity to you.

The reason why we recommend this place

  1. It is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul
  2. Being in Namsam Park, you can feel the beauty and comfort of nature at the same time
  3. Both day and night views are fantastic
  4. It is the only cable car in Seoul, so you can have a unique experience

Since Seoul is a big city, it is difficult to know how big it is. Even Seoul residents come here to realize the size of Seoul. Tourists always want to look down on Seoul from a high place, but Namsan Tower is located in the center of Seoul, so it is in a good position to see both Gangnam and Gangbuk.

Namsan Tower is not only a popular attraction for foreign tourists. Namsan Tower has such a strong image that Seoul residents choose it as the number one landmark that comes to mind when they think of Seoul.

Seoul is also famous for its beautiful night view, so make sure to include a visit to Namsan Tower in your itinerary so that you don't miss the harmony of the numerous lights of buildings and houses.

To get to the top of Namsan Tower in Seoul, you can take a bus, walk, or take the cable car.
For visitors, the cable car is highly recommended. This is because you can see the scenery of Seoul in advance while climbing, and you can reach the top in a short time.
If you like to walk, it takes about 40 minutes and requires some effort. Remember this route because the view from Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Museum through the stairs to Namsan Tower is beautiful.

It's good to bring snacks or a sandwich and a drink

When you get to the top, you can enjoy a simple drink while taking in the view, or use a vending machine. There is a shop and a cafe. Inside the tower building, there is a restaurant with a great view where you can eat or drink. There is a separate entrance fee to climb the transmission tower, but it is not recommended because the height of Namsan Tower itself is already high.

Namsan Tower is characterized by its small area, which is perfect for exploring within 30 minutes to an hour. It is generally not crowded, so you can enjoy a leisurely walk and rest. Along the edge, you can see the houses and buildings of Gangnam across the Han River from the front, and the relatively low buildings and houses of Gangbuk from the back.

Namsan Tower has a specialty, and there is a place where couples and tourists place padlocks to commemorate their love. Couples hang them to remind themselves of their love, or travelers and visitors write their names and messages on the padlock to commemorate their trip and hang it there.
Even if you don't lock it, don't miss it because it's a great place to take pictures.

Namsan Tower is the place you will never get tired of visiting in any season. In  summer, it is one of the few hot spots in Seoul where visitors can rest under the cool shade of a tree and openly show visitors the changing colors of Seoul depending on the season. I would like to reiterate that this is a must-visit place for visitors to Seoul.
Namsan Seoul Tower is a place that is good for contemplation alone and also a pleasant place to come with family or friends.

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