Korean Ramen Culture

Korean Ramen Culture

The average Korean eats ramen at least once or twice a week. Ramen is a staple food for Koreans.
When you go to a supermarket, you can find a variety of ramen products. There is a wide range of choices, such as ramen that you cook in a pot and cup ramen that you can eat in about 5 minutes after just pouring hot water over it.
Japan is also famous for ramen, but Korean ramen is also very popular.

As its quality and taste are known worldwide, it is not difficult to buy Korean ramen products outside Korea.
The characteristics of Korean ramen are that the noodles are firm and the soup is slightly spicy.
There is also ramen for those who can’t eat spicy food, so give it a try.

Ramen is eaten as a meal, but also as a snack. It is also common in Korea to eat it very late at night after dinner.
In the case of an adult male, if you cook and eat only one bag of ramen, the amount may be insufficient, so at this time rice is rolled in soup and eaten.
In Korea, there are convenience stores where you can buy cup noodles and eat them on the spot. Especially students use convenience stores a lot. You can buy already cooked rice there, so you can mix it with ramen soup.

In Korea, new ramen products are still being developed and launched every year. It is expected that Koreans’ love for ramen will not cool down in the future, and I am sure that the popularity of ramen will continue to spread around the world, even beyond Korea.

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