Korean Dream - Becoming A Landlord

Korean Dream - Becoming A Landlord

If you ask Koreans what their dreams are, you will hear the typical answer - 'To become a landlord'. In other words, a person who lives on rent while owning property is a person who has a passive income.The problem is that everyone, from children to the elderly, wants to be a landlord.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that in Korea, you have to use property to get a lot of money. Everyone has learned that it is very difficult to get rich in Korea by saving money through 9 to 5 work life.
It can be seen that the desire of modern Koreans to live a relaxed life through the income generated by building can be reflected in the fantasy of the 'landlord'.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon also affects korean teenagers or young people,  they give the same answer when asked about their future jobs.
It has become a time when students who would have talked about various professions and their own dreams if they were like before, now hope to obtain the title of landlord.

It's sad that Korean students only consider money when choosing a career. It is clear that income is an important factor in choosing a job, but there is no point in determining one's future by looking at that factor alone.

The Republic of Korea is a country where the capitalist system is well established 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a system in which people with capital gain advantage and get many benefits, and those who do not have to live as slaves or lower classes.
In addition, as the world economy and the domestic economy are in shambles, the public is dreaming of a future landlord, looking at the ghost wealth that cannot be caught.

In terms of career decisions, it is universal to determine the career by calculating only the economic benefits that can be obtained through the job, rather than thinking about the value of the job.
These trends cause many problems throughout society.
In addition, most people live their lives instead of marrying, and most couples who do not marry do not have children.

Because of the low birth rate, some primary schools are being abolished. The ageing process is accelerating and the low birth rate has led to a shortage of labour, which has become a need for foreign workers.

Everyone wants to be a landlord, but the reality is that this is not possible. A society in which everyone dreams of becoming a landlord has no future. Mankind has developed society through diversity. There must be humanists, scientists and artists. There must also be merchants and teachers. Because this quality of life can only be improved if everyone enjoys the benefits of different jobs in a society. Like all these problems. The media talk about artificial intelligence nowadays, this is an illusion. Human problems have to be solved by human beings.


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