Korean Cosmetic Surgery Culture

Korean Cosmetic Surgery Culture

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

Korea is globally recognized as a country with a significant presence in the field of cosmetic surgery due to its societal emphasis on beauty and appearance. According to statistics through 2021, Korea ranks among the countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgery procedures per capita. Procedures such as aesthetic surgery and double eyelid surgery are common, and their popularity is growing among men as well as women. Recently, as the desire to look young among middle-aged people increases, wrinkle surgery is becoming popular.

Social impact and motivations

The culture of cosmetic surgery in Korea is rooted in the high value placed on attractiveness and appearance, which often stems from the pursuit of social approval and the desire for a successful life. The media and entertainment industries, with their emphasis on physical appearance, help to fuel this trend.

Variety of procedures

Cosmetic surgery in Korea covers a wide range of procedures, including those related to the eyes, nose, lips, chin, and various body parts such as the breasts and abdomen. The pursuit of a "V-line" facial shape or a higher nose bridge reflects Korean standards of beauty.

Influencing factors

The spread of cosmetic surgery culture is influenced by a variety of factors, including societal influences, media portrayals, self-esteem, and self-image. However, this cultural phenomenon can sometimes overemphasize appearance and neglect the importance of an individual's inner self and personality.

The culture of cosmetic surgery in Korea is rooted in a social environment that places a high value on beauty and appearance. The demand for cosmetic surgery is driven by various social influences and motivations. While this culture has its merits, it can also inadvertently prioritize external appearance over internal qualities, resulting in potential drawbacks.


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