Korea Is Eyeglass Heaven :: Extremely Low Price, Only 1/3 to 1/5

Korea Is Eyeglass Heaven :: Extremely Low Price, Only 1/3 to 1/5

I will tell you some very useful information about Korean eyeglasses. Many foreign tourists don't know this very well.
It's about why you should buy glasses when visiting Korea.

Non-stop production system

Eyeglass stores in Korea have a completely different system from those in other countries. Here, eyesight test and production of eyeglasses are done at the same time without a doctor's prescription, and the products can be picked up on the same day.

In other words, vision test, production of the glasses, and sale and purchase are all done in the same place and at the same time.
I called it the same day, but in fact everything is done at such a fast pace that everything can be completed within 30 minutes at the shortest and 1-2 hours at the longest.

What's even more amazing is that despite such a great system, the price of the glasses is only 1/3 to 1/5 of the price in your country.
Isn't that amazing? Is there any reason not to buy eyeglasses in Korea if this is true? Don't assume that because it's so cheap, it's low quality. If that were the case, I wouldn't have written this article.
There's no doubt about it: The quality of Korean eyeglasses is the best in the world.

Korea is a paradise for eyewear, and the range of products available to customers is so wide that every optician's shop can almost be considered a department store.

Very low price in spite of high quality

Let's cut to the chase and talk about price.
If you are looking for glasses in the cheapest price range, it is about 30,000 won or 40,000 won.
If you prefer a medium price range rather than a cheap one, buy glasses that cost about 60,000 to 80,000 won.
If you are a person who values quality very much, you can invest about 100,000 to 200,000 won.
No matter how expensive you choose glasses in Korea, don't forget that the price is still cheaper than glasses in your country.

price range

  1. When you have no money or want to spend less money on eyeglasses
    30,000 won - 50,000 won
  2. You want to avoid the cheap ones and buy glasses in the medium price range
    50,000 won - 80,000 won
  3. You have enough money and want to invest in eyeglasses
    100,000 won - 200,000 won

No matter what you choose, the basic quality is guaranteed.
In any case, you will be satisfied.
Because you have saved money and earned money in the meantime.

Where to Buy

Now let me tell you about where you can buy eyeglasses.
Basically, opticians in Seoul and other cities charge similar prices.
All you have to do is go to 4-5 different opticians and compare prices.
I'm sure most opticians sell glasses at reasonable prices.

We recommend 'Davich' Optical Chain, which has about 280 chain stores nationwide. It is reliable because it sells eyeglasses on a fixed price basis.

However, if you're still wondering where to buy really cheap glasses, I'll tell you.

Namdaemun Market

Take subway line 4 and get off at Hoehyeon station.
This is Namdaemun Market, a famous tourist attraction in Seoul.
If you go out of Hoehyeon Station through Exit 5, you will find a traditional market. Even if you walk around for 30 minutes, you will find at least 20 opticians.
Compare the prices of the opticians, and if the price range matches the frame you want, you can buy it.

However, if you continue to ask me to recommend an optician, I would like to recommend one. It is easy to find because it is located in Myeong-dong.
The address and contact information is linked to Google Maps.

With this post, you have the opportunity to purchase really valuable items during your trip to Korea, so I hope you will have a happy experience with this information.
If your eyeglasses need to be replaced now, it's perfect, and if you feel regret because you recently bought eyeglasses, I recommend buying a second pair of eyeglasses in advance.

The information I have given today is more about how to make money than how to save money. If you are visiting Korea with a group of people, I hope you will buy the maximum number of glasses, and if you are traveling alone, I am sure it will make a really great gift if you buy as many glasses as possible for your family or friends.


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