Exploring South Korean Values - What Drives and Inspires Lives

Exploring South Korean Values - What Drives and Inspires Lives

South Koreans, like people from any culture, have a wide range of values and aspirations that can vary from individual to individual. However, there are certain common themes and cultural aspects that often shape what South Koreans value and what they may live for.

Family and relationships

Family is a core value in South Korean culture. Many South Koreans prioritize strong family ties and place a high value on supporting and caring for their family members. Despite the growth of the nuclear family over time, the family is still very important to Koreans.

Education and Success

Education is highly valued in South Korea, and academic success is often seen as an important goal. Many South Koreans strive to excel in their studies and careers to ensure a stable and successful future. Because Koreans recognize education as an important tool for success.

Hard work and determination

The concept of nunchi (눈치), or reading the situation and adapting accordingly, is important. South Koreans often value determination, perseverance, and hard work to achieve their goals. It is socially acceptable to work overtime or take on a heavy workload for the sake of a career.

Collectivism and social harmony

South Korean society places a strong emphasis on collectivism, where the well-being of the group takes precedence over individual desires. Social harmony and maintaining positive relationships within the community are valued.

Respect for Elders

Respect for one's elders is deeply rooted in South Korean culture. This respect extends to one's parents, grandparents, and other older family members.

Confucian values

Confucian values such as loyalty, filial piety, and respect for authority continue to influence South Korean culture. These values shape interpersonal relationships and social interactions. However, Confucianism loses its value over time.

Career and professional growth

South Koreans often strive for successful careers and professional growth. Climbing the corporate ladder and achieving recognition in one's chosen field are common goals.

Beauty and Appearance

Appearance and personal grooming are highly valued in South Korean culture. The beauty industry, fashion, and personal style occupy an important place in many people's lives. Koreans are known for spending a lot of time and money to improve their appearance, regardless of age or gender. The use of cosmetics and skin care products by Korean men is well known.

Technological Advancement

South Korea is known for its technological advancements. Many individuals value keeping up with the latest technology and innovations. Korea is one of the world's leading technology nations, along with Japan, the United States and Taiwan.

Cultural Identity and Tradition

Despite modernization, South Koreans are proud of their rich cultural heritage. Preserving and celebrating traditional customs, festivals, and cultural practices is important to many.

Financial Stability

As in many societies, South Koreans value financial stability and security. Many work hard to achieve financial independence and stability for themselves and their families. The amount of wealth and value of real estate they own is the measure of their success.

Community and social responsibility

Volunteering and contributing to the community are often seen as important ways to give back and make a positive impact on society.


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