7 Ways To Enjoy The Hangang River 100% Like Seoul Citizen

7 Ways To Enjoy The Hangang River 100% Like Seoul Citizen

The Hangang river has always been a big part of Seoulites' lives and their love. This nature heals the bodies and minds of tired people. Anyone can come here to recharge their batteries and spend a pleasant day.
These benefits are not limited to Seoul residents.

As a tourist, try to do the way of life of the Seoulites on the Han River. We will introduce you to 7 worthy activities you can enjoy on the Han River.

1.Enjoy A Picnic Or Mini-Camping

Tents may be pitched within the specified time. The only condition is that the tent door is always open. Cooking is also forbidden. But enough to enjoy a picnic and create a bit of a camping atmosphere. Tents, mats and picnic equipment can be rented nearby. Enjoy a peaceful time with friends and family with food and drink prepared in advance.

2.Riding A Bike Along The Hangang River

The bike path is well developed, so it is good to ride alone or in a group. There's  bike rental shops so you can rent a bike at a reasonable price. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Han River while riding a bike with the wind in your hair.

3.Sit In The Hangang Park & Enjoy A Peaceful Time

The water quality of the Han River is famous for its cleanliness. It is also a relatively quiet place to spend some time. Even if you just stare at the quietly flowing river, your stress will disappear before you know it. It would be nice to have a book with you.

4.Order Delivery Food / Special Ramen At Convenience Store

At Han River, you can try a variety of delivery food, from pizza to whole chicken and Jajangmyeon. Eating outside will taste better.
Several convenience stores in the park sell specially prepared ramen.

5.Cruise Ship Tour

Seeing the Han River from a cruise ship is a special experience. There is a wide range of options for you, from tickets starting at around 17,000 won to luxury cruises costing around 100,000 won. This 40-minute tour is a great way to find out why Seoul's Han River is so special.

6.Walk Along The Hangang River

When the weather is cool and the sun is not strong, try walking along the Han River for 30 minutes to an hour. The footpaths are well developed, so it is recommended. It has a different charm from the scenery enjoyed on a bicycle. Taking photos at key spots adds to the fun. If you are a person who likes to run, take your running shoes and clothes and run here.

7.Evening Rainbow Fountain Show at The Banpo Bridge

In the evening, many people gather here to watch the fountain show of colourful lights. The fountain, which is about 570m long, uses a pump to shoot water down, which is spectacular. This bridge is currently listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest bridge fountain in the world. Open every day from April to October. Check the evening timetable before visiting.


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