5 Positive Attitudes Of Seoul People Toward Foreign Travelers

5 Positive Attitudes Of Seoul People Toward Foreign Travelers

When traveling abroad, the attitude of the locals toward tourists is just as important as the tourist attractions. Howerver the information is not easy to find in travel books or guides.
It is very valuable for travelers.

Travel is not necessarily about architecture or attractions. The impressive and warm atmosphere of the destination and the hospitality of the place is an important reason to make the place attractive and to want to visit it again.
While their warm words and kindness are a very important factor that makes a city a good memory, all the unfriendly attitudes of the locals or the uncomfortable and unpleasant eyes are all negative.

How about is the situation in Seoul, which you haven't visited yet? The bottom line is very positive.
Seoul can be described as a city that is optimized for travel.
The following characteristics of the people of Seoul will work in your favor during your trips.

  1. Being Kind & Friendly to Foreign Travelers
    : Seoul is a city that attracts many tourists. Many people and ordinary citizens in many fields have a high level of awareness of tourism. In addition, the kindness of the guests is traditionally an important virtue, so tourists are kind to Koreans' favor and kindness while traveling.
  2. Services at High Speed
    : The speed of work in Korea is the best compared to any other country in the world. You can save your time without having to wait because the service is provided at a fast speed, whether it is a restaurant or a store. Especially, waiting and delays in work can cause a lot of inconvenience to tourists, but there is no such thing in Seoul, so you can enjoy a pleasant trip.
  3. Being Not Afraid of Foreigners
    : The smaller the city, the more unfamiliar it is to tourists, which leads to avoidance. Fear and ignorance often appear as unfriendliness. However in Seoul, no one is afraid of foreigners, but will try to reach out with interest.
    This is because Seoul is an international city visited not only by tourists but also by business people.
  4. No Cheating / Being Honest
    : In many tourist cities, gouging or scams pose a risk to travelers. Seoulites are not just honest for the sake of online reputation or rumors, but fundamentally value trust, so you can enjoy your trip to Seoul with peace of mind.
    There are already several Korean honesty test videos on YouTube, so check it out for yourself.
  5. Not Staring at Foreigners
    : Friendliness is good, but excessive interest can be annoying for tourists. In addition, the act of staring can cause discomfort. Seoul is a city with a large population, so in this big city you can enjoy your travel time without any inconvenience. But it is good news that there is always someone to help you if you need it. Koreans will always be there for you in case of need, but at a reasonable distance from tourists.


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