5 Popular Korean Street Snacks for Meals

5 Popular Korean Street Snacks for Meals

Korea is known for its diverse street food culture, offering a plethora of flavors and tastes that captivate locals and foreigners alike. In particular, the country offers easily accessible snacks that are popular with travelers from all over the world. In this blog, we will introduce five popular street snacks that foreigners can enjoy as convenient meal alternatives in Korea. Each snack has the advantage of being easy to purchase and hassle-free to consume, regardless of location.


A quintessential Korean street food, gimbap consists of rice and various ingredients wrapped in seaweed to resemble a bun. Packed with fresh vegetables, tasty tuna, and egg, it's a nutritious choice. Gimbap is a popular option for a quick bite during breaks or while traveling, making it a favorite among foreign tourists.


Toast is one of the different versions of street snacks found in Korea. It involves spreading butter or egg on fresh bread, adding various toppings, and then toasting. Its easy preparation and variety of flavors make it a hit among foreigners. It's especially popular for breakfast or as a quick snack during layovers.

Tteok (Rice cake)

A traditional Korean dish made from rice flour, tteok is either steamed or baked after shaping. From the simple tteokbokki to the sophisticated tteokgalbi, there are different types to suit different tastes. On the streets, you'll find tteokbokki or sweet tteok candy, both known for their chewy texture and rich flavors that appeal to foreigners.

Mandu (Dumplings)

Another popular Korean street food, mandu features a meat, vegetable, or seafood filling wrapped in a doughy casing that is either boiled or pan-fried. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fillings, mandu is easy to find on the street. Its spicy seasoning and delicious taste make it a satisfying treat for foreign visitors.

Cup Ramyeon (Instant Noodles)

Cup Ramyeon, or instant noodles in a cup, offers a convenient snack option by simply adding hot water and waiting for a quick meal. With different types of noodles, soup bases and toppings, it's a must-have for travelers looking for a quick meal or light snack. Easily available not only on the street but also in convenience stores, cup ramyeon is an essential item for travelers.

Korean street food plays a crucial role in providing travelers, including foreigners, with a unique culinary experience. Gimbap, Toast, Tteok, Mandu and Cup Ramyeon offer both taste and convenience, making them excellent choices for quick meals. Discover these delicious Korean street snacks to create unforgettable moments during your trip.


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