10 Essential Etiquette Rules to Remember When Visiting South Korea

10 Essential Etiquette Rules to Remember When Visiting South Korea

South Korea is a country valued for its unique culture and stunning natural landscapes, attracting many visitors from around the world. However, experiencing a different culture also means adhering to proper etiquette and behavior. In this article, we will explore 10 important rules of etiquette to know when visiting South Korea.

Importance of greetings

Greetings are very important in South Korea. Start conversations on a friendly note by using basic greetings such as "Hello" or "안녕하세요" to establish a rapport with others. Remember to greet even people you meet in the morning.

Gesture of respect: Lowering the Head and Showing Awe

In Korean culture, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body. Avoid gestures such as lowering your head or expressing awe when interacting with strangers, as these may be considered inappropriate.

Shoe Removal Indoors

Koreans usually remove their shoes when entering a home. Always remove your shoes and consider wearing indoor slippers to follow this etiquette when visiting someone's home.

Use both hands when exchanging

When giving or receiving items or money, use both hands to convey sincerity and respect. When giving or receiving something, deliberately support it with both hands.

Behavior in public places: Maintain a Quiet Demeanor

Speaking loudly in public places is against South Korean etiquette. Show consideration for others by maintaining a quiet tone when speaking in public.

Importance of Sharing Food

Sharing food is an important cultural practice in South Korea. Enjoy different dishes and engage in the practice of sharing food to foster a sense of closeness. Especially when dining with others, sharing smaller portions shows camaraderie.

Display a Respectful Attitude

When meeting with older or more senior people, it is important to demonstrate a respectful attitude. This can be conveyed through your choice of words and demeanor.

Gestures and Nonverbal Communication

Be careful with gestures such as pointing or making loud gestures. Choose appropriate non-verbal communication that includes body movement instead of finger pointing.

Avoid eating in public

Eating on the street is not considered proper etiquette in South Korea. Eat in designated areas or restaurants to maintain cleanliness and etiquette in public spaces.

Contributing to Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a major concern in South Korea. Contribute to the effort by practicing proper waste separation and engaging in activities that promote a sustainable environment.

When visiting South Korea, it is important to respect and adhere to the country's etiquette. By following the 10 important etiquette rules mentioned in this article, you can make a positive impression while enjoying your travel experience. May your journey be enriched with new experiences and meaningful connections, while maintaining good etiquette.


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